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Introduction: Martok

To kick off Bloody Dice each contributer has put together a short article to let you know who we are and why we love the tabletop games we play.
First up Martok

Hi world,

I have been playing Warhammer 40,000 for almost a decade and Warmachine for a little over a year. I have pretty much always played with power armour for 40k and for Warmachine Menoth is my chosen faction (mmmm fire).

I actually started painting far younger; now my collection of multi-coloured marines is just distant memory.  The first time I started playing 40k was after finding out a friend (blog contributor Cpt_Lucif3r) was a fan of the models and in no time we had our random assortment of Marines and Guardsmen lined up and taking pot shots at one another while we argued over how the hell your were supposed to play the game lol.

Years later I began trying my luck at tournaments were I was promptly clubbed like a baby seal. Determined to improve I have practiced and refined my tactics and list construction over the course of years of tournaments (where I still get clubbed like a baby seal). Now I like to think I have the skills to compete to a decent standard at tournaments and with any luck I may actually place in one this year!!!

I always have far too many armies in development at the same time so there should be a steady stream of hobby content for me to share.

That is the first article of BLOODYdice done and we can assure you that the next one will contain some models :)

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