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Moving on from BLOODYdice

A few years ago I setup this blog as a place to track my projects and events that I had attended. Collaborating authors have joined me along the way and the family grew as it were. We are now at a point where the projects I am working on have outgrown this little blog as sad as that may be. After the Bristol Vanquish tournament this year I was invited to start a new website, this website would be used to setup gaming and painting events and we called it The Twelve Olympians.

At almost the same time myself and my painting Sensei Joel decided to dive into the world of commission painting. This has been a success thus far and we are hoping that this project named Fifty Shades of Wray (my surname is Wray just to clarify ;) ) and The Twelve Olympians will be able to work closely to put on the best gaming and painting events in the UK.

Thank you all for the support of this blog over the past few years and I really hope that you continue to follow me in my eternal hobby quest via these new websites.

Best regards,

Martok/Zeus/Richard/Whoever else I feel like being today

Hobby - Mordheim Board and Terrain Part 4

Welcome to the fourth part of our Mordheim terrain series, this time we'll be concentrating on the building construction work that has been going on in support of the epic board we've been making.

More after the break...

Hobby - Mordheim Board and Terrain Part 3

Another Mordheim Terrain update in our Mordheim Board and Terrain series.

Part 1: http://bloody-dice.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/hobby-mordheim-board-and-terrain.html
Part 2: http://bloody-dice.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/hobby-mordheim-board-and-terrain-part-2.html

In today's post we'll take a look at the almost-fully constructed 4'x4' board, as well as some extra sections we've created to add variety to the games.

Here's the board with almost all of the tiles complete, including one of the bridge crossings.  We'll have another bridge made on the right hand side, where you can see the wall gives way slightly.  Warriors can also use the steps into the river, where they can wade across and use the lower ground to hide from enemy archers!

Click "Read more" for more Morheimy goodness!

Hobby - Mordheim Board and Terrain Part 2

I posted about our intent to make a Mordheim board for an upcoming campaign in a recent post last week.  See here for the first post in the series:  http://bloody-dice.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/hobby-mordheim-board-and-terrain.html

Our board is made up from Hirst Arts moulds, you can see what they look like whilst being cast above.  These moulds are designed to be used with plaster, and we're using Crystacal R dental plaster.  While expensive, it's a lot more durable than the cheaper Plaster of Paris (PoP).  PoP tends to chip quite badly and then you're left with a glaring white scab of plaster ruining your scenery.

Click "Read more" to check out the initial build stages of the board.

Hobby - Mordheim Board and Terrain

Well, it's been a while since we've posted.  Work still continues to keep me away from my hobby desk and Martok has been busy painting his Minotaurs, playing in a tournament and now taking a well deserved rest.  (Undoubtedly hatching more mad-cap schemes during his rest though!)

More after the jump.

Painting - Last batch of Minotaurs before Vanquish 2014

I am running very close to my deadline. This is starting to look a little worrying!! However, fear not, basecoats are down on the vehicles and this should gather speed very soon. See where I am at right now, after the jump.

Showcase - Lelith Hesperax by PaintMyBits

Joel from PaintMyBits has been working on another commission in between batching his Raptors for Vanquish 2014. This time he has turned his hand to the pale skinned evil space elves of the 40k universe and painted a beautiful version of Lelith Hesperax.

More pics after the page break.

Painting - Minotaur MK4 Centurions almost finished

With a little over two weeks left before Vanquish 2014 I am working feverishly to finish my Minotaurs. Things are starting to come together but my blogging has definitely suffered as I spend every moment not at work building drop pods and prepping parts for the last stage of the painting process. 

All of the infantry are at a stage where the traditional brush work is finished bar painting the guns and some heads separately from the main models.

The Centurions are one such unit at that stage. Read on to see how they are looking now.

Tutorial - Painting Stubble

Joel from PaintMyBits has another Tutorial for you all. This time he will be going over the use of glazes to give your baldies a good 5 o'clock shadow.

Read more to find out how he does this.

Review - Paint Rack by Sphere Products - Progressive Engineering Solutions Ltd

Greetings, BloodyDicers, Dangermouse425 here with a review of an excellent product I recently bought.

This is the Large 2-Tier paint rack by Sphere Products, part of Progressive Engineering Solutions, a UK-based company that has some awesome products available.

More after the jump...