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Hobby - Mordheim Board and Terrain Part 2

I posted about our intent to make a Mordheim board for an upcoming campaign in a recent post last week.  See here for the first post in the series:  http://bloody-dice.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/hobby-mordheim-board-and-terrain.html

Our board is made up from Hirst Arts moulds, you can see what they look like whilst being cast above.  These moulds are designed to be used with plaster, and we're using Crystacal R dental plaster.  While expensive, it's a lot more durable than the cheaper Plaster of Paris (PoP).  PoP tends to chip quite badly and then you're left with a glaring white scab of plaster ruining your scenery.

Plaster can even be dyed using plaster/cement dye from your local DiY shop, so if you're worried about stark white plaster on damaged scenery, you could even dye it a darker colour.

We're making a table by using three 2'x4' sections, crafted in MDF to provide a base.  The raised board base allows us to put a river into the board, which will be crossed by bridges made from Hirst Arts moulds.

The flat surfaces of the board will be broken up with detritus, scrap and craters.  Here's an example of one of the craters below.  Much like the damaged buildings and ruined fortifications that populate our war-torn landscapes of the 41st millennium, Mordheim scenery represents the damned city after the comet and subsequent destruction.  It's safe to say that the buildings won't be in great condition and the whole board will show evidence of damage, warpstone taint and bloodthirsty skirmishes.

Check back next week for more progress on the Mordheim Board and Terrain saga!

- Dangermouse425

ps: More information on Hirst Arts moulds can be found here:  http://www.hirstarts.com/

Hobby - Mordheim Board and Terrain

Well, it's been a while since we've posted.  Work still continues to keep me away from my hobby desk and Martok has been busy painting his Minotaurs, playing in a tournament and now taking a well deserved rest.  (Undoubtedly hatching more mad-cap schemes during his rest though!)

Our gaming group played a small Mordheim game last year and we are running another one at the end of May.  Since we had a lot of 40k terrain, we played our games with that, but this time we decided to make a dedicated board with scratch-built scenery that would make our small skirmishes in the infamous City of the Damned even more awesome.

Over the next few days, I'll be posting the progress we've made on the board as well as the buildings themselves.  I'll also be uploading pictures of my WiP warbands, and trying to grab some photos of the opposing warbands off the other guys too.

I was guilty of using proxies and unpainted models in the last campaign, so this time I am determined to have a fully WYSIWYG and fully painted warband from the start.

I will be playing Mercenaries, either as Reiklanders or Marienburgers.

My opponents include:

- Witch Hunters
- Skaven
- Undead
- Dwarfs
- Carnival of Chaos

For now, I'll sign off, check back into BLOODYdice next week for some Mordheimy goodness.

- Dangermouse425

Painting - Last batch of Minotaurs before Vanquish 2014

I am running very close to my deadline. This is starting to look a little worrying!! However, fear not, basecoats are down on the vehicles and this should gather speed very soon. See where I am at right now, after the jump.

Showcase - Lelith Hesperax by PaintMyBits

Joel from PaintMyBits has been working on another commission in between batching his Raptors for Vanquish 2014. This time he has turned his hand to the pale skinned evil space elves of the 40k universe and painted a beautiful version of Lelith Hesperax.

More pics after the page break.

Painting - Minotaur MK4 Centurions almost finished

With a little over two weeks left before Vanquish 2014 I am working feverishly to finish my Minotaurs. Things are starting to come together but my blogging has definitely suffered as I spend every moment not at work building drop pods and prepping parts for the last stage of the painting process. 

All of the infantry are at a stage where the traditional brush work is finished bar painting the guns and some heads separately from the main models.

The Centurions are one such unit at that stage. Read on to see how they are looking now.

Tutorial - Painting Stubble

Joel from PaintMyBits has another Tutorial for you all. This time he will be going over the use of glazes to give your baldies a good 5 o'clock shadow.

Read more to find out how he does this.

Review - Paint Rack by Sphere Products - Progressive Engineering Solutions Ltd

Greetings, BloodyDicers, Dangermouse425 here with a review of an excellent product I recently bought.

This is the Large 2-Tier paint rack by Sphere Products, part of Progressive Engineering Solutions, a UK-based company that has some awesome products available.

More after the jump...

Tutorial - Weathering Vehicles with Oil Paints

Joel from PaintMyBits has another Tutorial for you all. This time he will be going over the use of oils to give a realistic finish to your vehicles.

Read more to find out how he does this.

Tutorial - Weathering Infantry with Chipping and Oil Paints

After last weeks Tutorial which covered the application of decal transfers Joel from PaintMyBits has provided another Tutorial for us taking a closer look at how to make your models look gritty and also how to hide some issues caused during painting or even the decal stage.

Joel explains all after the jump.

Warmahordes - Unit Review Legion of Everblight Legionnaires

I'm back after a well deserved rest for number 12 in the unit reviews, this time I'm going to be looking at a unit that I haven't used much in the past, the Blighted Nyss Legionnaires.