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News - Dark Space Corp Kickstarter Tiers

This new game is starting to take shape.. at least in product form. The first tiers have been announced check them out after the jump.

With the Kickstarter about to go online the first tiers have been announced:

  • Singularity – £70 – Limited!

    Singularity – £70 – Limited!

    Singularity Reward Tier – Limited to 2300 Collectors Edition
     Backers Rulebook. This will be the ultimate backers’
     collectors edition of the rulebook and we’ll involve those
     people that buy it in its creation. It will have a “Those that
     helped us create Beyond the Gates of Antares” section where
     we print every single one of the backer’s names, and a ‘Roll of
     Honour’ section for those that pledge at the Feeder
  • Dark Energy – £65

    Dark Energy – £65

    Dark Energy Reward Tier Starter Box - Everything you need
     to get you started in the GoA universe! Softback Getting
     Started Rulebook 20 WarDrones 240 Credit Custom Army
     Digital Full Rulebook D10 Dice Game Markers Hansa the
     Exclusive Kickstarter Figure – Hansa Niroba (full name) is the
     exclusive Kickstarter miniature, available only to backers of our
     Kickstarter campaign. 
  • Inflationary Epoch – £25

    Inflationary Epoch – £25

    Inflationary Epoch Reward Tier Hardback Rulebook – We’ll
     send you the full colour 270pg hardback rulebook for your
     constant rule perusing pleasure. Hansa the Exclusive 
    Kickstarter Figure – Hansa Niroba (full name) is the exclusive
     Kickstarter miniature, available only to backers of our 
    Kickstarter campaign. 
  • The Beginning – £20

    The Beginning – £20

    The Beginning Reward Tier Digital Rulebook – Full Colour 270pg
     (ish) GoA rulebook delivered digitally to your door for your 
    constant rule perusing pleasure. Estimated delivery Nov 2013 + 
    Big Bang Reward Tier Thank you – Forum VIP Badge – A
     MASSIVE thank you from the team for helping us realise our 
    goals and dreams and a forum avatar badge you can wear 
    proudly in any forums you like.
  • Big Bang – £1

    Big Bang – £1

    The Big Bang Reward Tier This is our entry level reward tier 
    and includes being involved with our open development program
     Thank you – Forum VIP Badge – A MASSIVE thank you from the
     team for helping us realise our goals and dreams and a forum 
    avatar badge you can wear proudly in any forums you like. 

Who else is looking to pledge to this? If so Which tier?

- Martok

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