Showcase - World Eaters!!

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Well its taken some time (sorry Martok) but at last the World Eaters have had their photo shoot done!!

The Pre-heresy Land Raider and it's cargo

The Raider on its own, FW I love and hate you in equal measure for this tank

My "Headhunter" terminator squad that normally accompany Kharn, they are mad enough to join him!

A close up, yes the one on the right is Zufor.

The terminators "borrowed" from Martok, 2 years later they are still pulling their weight in the army.

World Eater squad 1

My favorite model in the unit

World Eater squad 2

 Their champion

My Blood Slaughterer, I use this as various things in the army, a Hellbrute being the most common

The Defiler twins, inspired by Predators and using a Soul Grinder for the bulk of the conversion, the Defiler model just didn't look badass enough.

It's a shame the Vindicator doesn't see as much use now, but with the new codex I just don't have the points.

The nutter himself.

Yeah, my Land Raider lights up!!

Thats is for my World Eaters, I have a few things I'm currently working on for the army (including a Daemon Angron) but the next thing finished for the army will be the Raptor unit and their axe wielding lord.

Take care everyone, I'm off to get some more Raptors painted, so far they have taken 2 years!! (they don't look great, I'm just a slow painter, and I'm trying to protect the world, bad things happen when I paint, Martok can vouch for that).


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  1. Wow, absolutely stunning. I love the loyalist terminators, they look great as chaos, most of the time i find those conversions kind of meh.

    1. Cheers those were the ones I made him :)They are Space Wolf Terms as the base models and then various Chaos Knight parts.

      - Martok


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