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WIP - Word Bearers Heldrake

I had some credit with the guys at Promethean so I decided to pick up the Heldrake. After this thing literally cutting me while building it (so many spikes/blades) I put the airbrush coats of red down and I am now detailing. Take a look after the jump.

The silver detailing is taking a very very long time and I am really regretting the fact that I did not lay varnish down before starting as every mistake will need to be fixed at the end with a brush... I might put Varnish down tonight before doing any more actually. Here he is:

These are obviously iPhone pics taken while I was at the FLGS I shall get some better pics when he has moved along a bit.

- Martok


  1. WOW that looks awesome the red really pops against the silver

  2. Cheers buddy. A long way still to go and better pics will show the airbrush work better but i was very happy with how the Word Bearer scheme works on this.

  3. looks alright, dude. I am not looking forward to doing my Iron Warriors one either.

  4. Seriously man the detailing is really time consuming. You could probably get away with pure silver for the IWs lol


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