PIP - Fallen Angel Abaddon

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Another Fallen Angel I am painting up for my friend. This time Abaddon. Keep in mind this army is Nurgle themed so the scheme reflects that.

Again this is all airbrush work going from pre shading to some Zenithal Highlighting and then finishing with washes.

The base is home made and is simply some rocks with green stuff/sand in the gaps and some Secret Weapon Miniatures skulls to add some interest.

This will need some highlighting and then i think I shall add another layer of washing to blend the highlights. Also I think for Nurgle it coudl do with a darker green finish.

Next post we shall be looking at another Necron Showcase. This time for vargard Obyron. Of course keep an eye out for this Fallen Abaddon getting finished as well as the Typhus I showed last week here.

- Martok

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  1. This guy is pretty awesome! The new Deathwing squad certainly has a lot of nice parts for converting terminators. Without even too much converting, you were able to craft a model that has the feel of Abaddon.

    I particularly like the robbed heads, and have been using them to make a Deathwing command squad over the last few months. If you are interested in seeing them, there are a bunch of pictures up on my blog, Between the Bolter and Me:

  2. It really is a great kit. I bought two and have found so many uses for them. Ironically, all chaos models though. This guy is my fav:



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