PIP - Horus Heresy Blood Angel Sergeant

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My journey towards a Horus Heresy Era army has been a long a winding one. Thus far I have thrown together test models for almost every legion in my search for something that I am happy with. Finally I have settled on the Blood Angels and this post covers the painting progress of my test model.

Some of you may remember this guy from my earlier Horus Heresy posts. After being painted a Son of Horus he is now stripped off paint and detailed up with some Forge World Blood Angels Brass Etch.

The model is now pretty much complete with the Blood Angels color scheme laid down, detail work done and metallics at a satisfactory point. One thing I am not sure on though is the crest... any ideas on how this could be improved then please comment down below.

The base was a reasonably simple affair following my usual process. To finish this off i need to tape everything off proper and then do the blends on the blades... again I am not certain what color this should be any ideas?

- Martok

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  1. Wow, this is possibly the coolest heresy marine I have ever seen! FW's iron armour is probably my favorite of their classic power armour variants. This guy has an excellent pose that is not overdone, but full of life. My favorite part though are his two blades. They are excellently positioned, and better yet they are actually to scale! Too many things in 40k are so oversized and awkward, and these look reasonable! Stellar!

  2. Hi Eric,

    Thanks for the glowing endorsement. I must say I do love him quite a bit. The positioning of the blades took a lot of moving about and trying out different poses to get that real swordsmen stance. However, if you do not like big weapons I wouldn't look at my Minotaur Terminators when they have their hammers finished ;)

  3. Yeah those hammers you made are quite large, but they are so well crafted and unique it is hard to not like them :)

    I think you also posed the terminators in a way that expresses the weight of the hammers well, so their size is more reasonable because of that.

  4. Indeed, I was very aware of the need for the hammers to be.. as much as possible... balanced with the pose. We shall see if it worked at all ;)


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