WIP - Horus Heresy Blood Angels

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Myself and a group of other gamers from the FLGS are starting a Tale of X Gamers motivational army challenge as of the 1/5/13. I shall be explaining this further on Monday (which will sort of be the unofficial starting date) but I had already been working on some models and wanted to get them ready for the start date so today I have a sneak peek to show off.

Above is my take on FWs Horus Heresy Champion model. I thought it was an expensive model to buy just to hack up to fit the Blood Angel look. I might take another crack at this at some point but for now he serves the purpose.

Beyond unit markings I have not worked with freehand designs a great deal so I am trying to work on that with this army. However, I think I have missed the mark with the above and shall need to stylize the X to make it look a little prettier.. also weathering powders shall help the overall look.

A closer look at the first grunts of my Horus Heresy Blood Angels. As a friend noted they are all standing on rocks.. the rest of the army wont be :D just got carried away with this first group I guess.

Now for something slightly different... I ordered a Painting Station from Hobby Zone and at the price they were asking for I was shocked at the quality. This is cheaper than the GW one I have been using for a few years and I am annoyed I did not find this sooner. If you are looking for a paint station this is definitely worth a look.

- Martok

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  1. Great Paintstation!

  2. Wow those look awesome, the BA are my favourite Marine chapter of all time.

    Pre-Heresy is a bit restricting though! You can't use all the cool newer stuff :(

    That paint station also rocks, I just can't get that site to change over to English though...

    1. Hey that is pretty weird.. I can't make it change to polish lol

      My theory with the pre heresy stuff is that I can run either with the FW Betrayal book or the BA dex for 40k. I am magnetizing any options that I think would not work for both... hopefully it will pan out as a good idea. In the end though its tactical marines, jump marines, devastators, contemptors and sang guard so it _should_ work either way.

  3. Ohh very nice. I started building all my jump marines with Sanguinary Guard jump packs for my army just for the look.

    That sounds awesome though, had a look at your Contemptor, any progress on it?

    1. Oh yeah the Contemptor is still in line to be finished but these guys distracted me :D he will be next after some modelling work.


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