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I have been trying my hand at messing with silicone. It's messy and a lot of fun. However, you really need to plan ahead. This post I shall go over my resin casting experience and what I will be doing differently. I forgot to take any pics while working with the silicone (I was far too busy being confused) but I promise to cover this after reworking my design to cast.

So above is the silicone mould, I had made myself a small wall section out of plasticard and styrofoam that I wished to cast. Unfortunately  after casting this I have realised the design does not quite work and I shall be reworking this before making a new mould.

We mix up equal parts of Resin A and Resin B. These heat up and pretty quickly we pour this into our mould.

Half an hour later it's cured and we have the above resin wall section :) It actually is this simple. The mould process hwoever is much more painful (especially two piece moulds....)

- Martok

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