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The FLGS has organised a Tale of X Gamers as a motivational to the regulars to get a new army going. The target is to run this for 5 months with a campaign at the end to celebrate. The rules for this are pretty loose, no actual points values per month or monetary budget.

This is purely a "do what you can when you can" sort of thing. Although there may be some rewards for anyone who gets enough points for the whole campaign ready at the end of the 5 months.

So with that said and the Necron Showcase finished I am checking in my Resurrection Orb at the tomb world and I am starting up a force of the Eldar.

My idea however, is a little different and I am not sure how best to realize it. In short my Kabal/Craftworld/Generic Eldar will be an organisation that out dates the fall and out dates the Craftworlds. Not really Dark Eldar but then not really Craftworld either. Perhaps having more in common with the Exodites than any other of their kin.

They will represent a martial house. Their martial traditions perhaps the oldest in the galaxy and there most prominent foes are Space Marines as they see them as a challenge to their Martial Traditions.
These Martial Traditions are loosely based around the Craftworld Aspects but without the changing paths.. so in essence every warrior is an Exarch.

Now make no mistake this does not make them happy go lucky Eldar, they see themselves as utterly above other species and take great satisfaction in reminding lesser races who is the Elder(get it) race. They draw no side between the various kin of Eldar but stay insular thinking all of the modern Eldar as flawed and weaker versions of themselves.

With that brain dumb out of the way. Please rip it apart telling my why it is a silly idea and how to make it a great idea :D

I shall put together a proper post at some point but for now here is my first model in progress who shall be my Archon for now until he dies or I find someone better :P

So first question.. axe or sword? Does he fit the theme or fall short?

- Martok

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