Campaign - Mordheim 2013 Week 3

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The campaign at my FLGS continues. A huge number of games have been played and further details are available on their Facebook Page. My own games however, appear to be showing my n00b status at the game. Four games in and I had to reboot the warband haha so I have adjusted the fluff somewhat to accommodate my failures and introduce my new hope (fluff in full at the bottom of this post).

For now take a look at my PIP warband.

Captain Ruben Van Der Jager above. You can see some greenstuff work to add furs etc.

Similar Greenstuff work for my Champions but with helmets as well.

Here is a Marksmen that was promoted to hero status just before my warband was wiped out haha so he is pretty pointless now.

Young Bloods do not get the Bling the other Champs do. Still get a helmet though to mark them apart from the Swordsmen.

The de Ruw brothers. First to die in most situations :)

Appaling photo but these are the other Swordsmen group

Some Crossbowmen. I am sure I had a picture of the Longbow guys.....

The plan is to give an update on the painting and converting of this Marienburg Warband and giving a fluff update of the Mordheim Campaign every week from now on in. Along those lines here are the first two chapters (Completed week 1 and 2) of my Warbands tale of Mordheim:
Marienburg’s Nights Watch
Bitter Blood
In Marienburg law is a curious thing. A city of trade where the line between importing and smuggling is easily blurred it takes a level headed law enforcer to make any kind of a difference. One such law maker being an aged Captain named Ruben Van der Jager. After decades of unswerving service in Marienburg’s Night Watch he was elevated to the rank of Captain and given command of his own men of the Watch. He delivered justice with a balanced hand befitting the City in which he kept the peace with the odd blind eye to dubious business practises and what some law makers would perceive as contraband he knew was the life blood of the Marienburg markets. Thus it continued and before long his brothers and sons joined the watch and rose through the ranks some within his own watch and others their own.
Ruben watched with pride as his younger brother Marius was made a fellow Captain of the watch. His pride soon turned to dismay as he realised Marius was not just turning a blind eye to smuggling but actively involved. After stern discussion with his brother Marius retorted that it was no worse than the blind eye Ruben had given and that he may as well receive some coin for the effort.
With a heavy heart Ruben knew he had to report this behaviour to his superiors. When he did he requested that he arrest his brother personally to ensure that no blood was shed unnecessarily. However, when he arrived to arrest his wayward sibling Marius was gone and his Watch with him. 
Ruben could barely contain his fury at his brother’s cowardice and flagrant disregard for the law. Furthermore, the dishonour and shame he had brought upon the Jager family name. He vowed to find Marius wherever he may have fled to. In the end he did not have to look far to find traces of his brother. After asking a couple of coaches if they had been contracted by any of the watch in the last few days he found that the Marienburg Express Coaches had taken his brother and his misguided band to the outskirts of the city of the damned Mordheim. To the dismay of his superiors Ruben took his men including his other siblings to hunt down his brother. Marienburg was now missing more than a quarter of its watch but Mordheim was soon to feel Ruben’s wrath.
The Search
On the outskirts of Mordheim there are many dens of vice where patrons are full of rumours for the right coin. After drifting between a few of these establishments the Marienburgers heard the first whispers of their outlaws. The news told how they were gunned down by Witch Hunters while desperately trying to flee the city. However, it appeared some had survived but who exactly no one was sure.
Ruben led out his Watchmen in the hunt for one of these survivors. In fact it did not take long to find one. A swordsmen who had been fighting for Marius had joined with some Reiklanders although it appeared they were aware of their approach and rushed out to meet Rubens own swordsmen. After a quick fought melee the Watchmen had repelled their attackers and had captured the swordsmen who had worked for Marius. His name was Petr and his news was unpleasant; Marius was dead. 
Before Ruben could recover from the news they were under attack again. Surely Mordheim was Damned. After the Swordsmen brother Aad der Ruw was slain the Watchmen fell back to lick their wounds.
Unfortunately, they would not get the opportunity to recover their losses. In the dead of the night they were assaulted by Dwarf Treasure Hunters eager for the Wyrd Stone they had found while in the city. Again they ran from would be thieves as yet more Swordsmen of the Watch died. To their horror they realised that both times they had ran they had gone deeper into the city and would now have to fight their way out of the city. With his brother dead Ruben saw no reason to lose any more men to the maddening city.
No more Mordheim on the blog until next week but I have some model Showcases for my Horus Heresy Blood Angels as well as some eBay items up for auction at the moment (some old Chaos Models and a Grey Knight army seen here). Keep your eye out for these updates this week.

- Martok

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