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A little while ago I posted that I had been having a hobby clean up. I have cleared my cupboard and work desk and put everything that is not actually part of a project that is currently in progress in a big box for eBay. Here is my first round of auctions.

The guy above was a conversion I made for use with my old Blood Angels as Chaplain Lemartes. To be honest I will be sad to see this guy go but I think he is better off finding a new home that will let him get back in the fight more than I would.

Another conversion for the Blood Angels. This guy was going to be a Librarian leading the jump pack army that never materialized.

The model is made form a bunch of kits. Primarily Grey Knights with a Maxmini jump pack. This was made before FW started releasing their new (old) jet packs.

One more conversion this time it is a Grey Knight Terminator Librarian. Painted for a friend which didn't actually end up being used (list change).

Blended blade and a table top standard again. The blade is a conversion (Dark Angels) and the torso head are from the Deathwing Knights kit.

Njal Storm Caller new in box. Not even sure why I own this as I cannot remember ordering it :P

I think this is the current Eldar Avatar? Painted a long time ago but still more than worthy of the tabletop.

The blending came out really nicely on the headress actually.

Now for the odd stuff that I didn't expect to find. This guy is I think from Rogue Trader days and is a munchkin size Avatar which is now out of print.

Another model from Rogue Trader one of the first Space Marines. Quite the iconic model to be honest.

If any of these take your fancy they all started at 99p over here and they shall be finishing on Sunday.

- Martok

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