Kickstarter - Incursion 2nd Edition

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I have been looking at picking up the boardgame Incursion by Grindhouse Games for quite some time. Today I woke up to find that they are running a Kickstarter campaign here. This is to put together a higher quality 2nd edition for the game and its supplements. With an all new design and the mandatory Kickstarter freebies now is the time for me to pick it up. 

With some sweet media to promote the Kickstarter such as the video above you can really get a good feel of what the game is all about and the design philosophy behind it all. I have heard that the board game is very good, however, the main draw for me has to be the models; more accurately the APE suits. Ever since I first saw the APE suits I have been trying to restrain myself from running a 40k Imperial Guard army just so I can use them as Ogryns....

With the Kickstarter just getting underway it is good to see that they are already have a good chunk of their target pledged. Get over to the campaign and get Incursion Kickstarted!

- Martok

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