PIP - Dark Vengeance Chosen

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I had some Dark Vengeance models left over after picking up a few sets to get Cultists etc for my Word Bearers army. These are, much like my Night Lords Warp Talon being painted to put on eBay as I have no relevant project for them. I like doing this as I find I try out new things when working on things that aren't "my" projects. I think this is because I know I won't be repeating these new things a hundred odd times throughout an army.

This guy with the Mace is without a doubt my favourite model from this set. He exudes so much menace and THAT helmet! I had really hoped when I first saw this guy that there would be a new Chaos Space Marine box set with helmets of the style seen in Dark Vengeance. Alas that never happened.

Another great model from the set and with the increase in Power Axes on the field due to rules changes in 6th edition this guy has probably one of the more popular weapons on any bits sites. Again... I want to use that helmet without having to chop the model apart ....

This guy I am not so sure about. He is a cool model don't get me wrong but I just was not sure how to paint a lot of it. For example the horn things on his shoulders. I decided to leave them as part of the armour mutating rather than as bone but I think this has ended up with him having less "pop" than other models from the unit.

Hopefully, I shall have a post soon enough giving a link top buy these guys (and the rest of the chosen). First I need to cast some bases for them.

- Martok

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