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I have been building my Minotaurs since the Space Marines Codex release. I have been trying to make them a little different to my "normal" models. The fluff for the Minotaurs is really interesting and I love the thought of their ferocious ship to ship actions in the void. For that reason I have decided to try some custom "tech" bases to represent them fighting across a space Marine Battle Barge. Given the fluff where they almost wipe out the Lamenters chapter it will likely be a boarding action against them.

With the above said here are my attempts at these bases. These are just blanks that I will cast and then add details to them to keep them looking different across a whole army. Now my question to you all is whether I need more blanks? Will these 5 be individual enough to replicate over a whole army without looking a bit boring and repetitive? 

The actual process of creating these was actually quite a simple process if a little time consuming. First, I took some plasticard with a deck plating finish. I then used a compass cutter to get it the right size for the base. After attaching this to the base I started to cut some plasticard into thin strips. These are used as the bulkheads which I then attached some rivets I made from plasticard with a 1mm hole punch.

After the above steps I started to detail the bases with some tubing and wiring. This is just plasticard rods of varying thicknesses.

All I need to do now is use some filler in a few places and sand it all down to a smooth finish. After that get a mold made.

Before making molds though, I think I shall make some Terminator sized bases and some Centurion ones as well.

In hindsight I think if I was to do this again I would get some plasticard strips rather than cutting them myself as this was time consuming and the finish was not perfect.

- Martok

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  1. I will be using Asterion. However, as his rule states that you replace combat tactics (a defunct and no longer relevant term) with his Chapter Tactic. This essentially means his rule has no effect. Therefore, he has his chapter tactic replaced with any that you choose from Codex Space Marines. For that reason until he is FAQd I shall be using him under the Iron Hands rules as Feel No Pain and it Will Not Die sound nicely spartan/alpha warrior esque.


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