WIP - Horus Heresy Blood Angels Praetor

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I have been working really hard on this model to try and distinguish it from the original sculpt. Recently I started the GS work on the cape which has been quite the mission to get through. First time trying something like it and there were some complex lines to try to sculpt around. Needless to say this guy is taking ages..

A quick head swap for.. I think.. an Anvil Industry head. I felt a more pensive and less GW shouty style expression would fit this pose better.

After tidying up the loin cloth I started to try and build up the cape. Above you can see a peak of that work over the Praetor's shoulders.

Here was the really tricky part I was talking about. Trying to get the GS to flow around the Axes haft while lifting the length of the cape a little at the bottom to balance.. it took a couple of attempts.

Near rage quits aside I think I have picked up a few things from this. I now feel confident about trying GS work that takes a little more patience and planning.

Now for a look at the majority of the GS. Messy around the back pack but hey.. it will be covered up. I am tempted to give it another sanding but I think I would lose some of the contours needed to make the cape look more like cloth and less like wood.


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