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Actual hobby progress has been light this weekend. This is due to having been working on moulds for the hammers I showed off last week. The above will be my Minotaur Terminator Sergeants hammer... its epic. However, I have been wrestling with some quality issues and some mould lines that are pretty nasty. It is getting better but I am taking some time to clean up the casts before using them.

Other than playing with resin I also played with some new toys. Me and Lucif3r have been messing around with Fantasy Flights new game Xwing using the models out of our starter sets. However now we have added some new units and we were just itching to try them out.

Here are my Imperials and they are no longer just a TIE Swarm. Now I have Bomber, Interceptors and a Shuttle. This added speed and firepower will shake up our games!

Lucif3r loaded up with double B-Wings to add some heavy hitters backing up his X-Wings and Falcon. 

Before Lucif3r arrived I had everything set for a days gaming... I have a lot of stuff at home that rarely gets used....

First up we played some 40k. We became friends over this game when still in school so we just had to. Note the refinery terrain being used for the first time. Still needs paint but I could not resist using it for this game.

This game was all about metal on metal crime. Grey Knights vs Necrons as both armies are painted if for no other reason. It was a brutal match with neither of us having a great deal left. Which is impressive seeing as I run an almost horde Necron list.

WE took a great deal of photos during our games and I shall be working on writing some reports for each so you can read a little more about the day the Grey Knights culled the Necrontyr or when the mighty Imperial Fleet crushed the Rebel Alliance.

- Martok

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