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My Necron Army painted as the Sautekh Dynasty are now up on eBay. Each unit is being auctioned individually here. If you would like a better look at each unit I ran some Showcase posts for this army awhile back which can be seen here. First up is the Destroyer Lord converted from a Wraith seen above.

Another Destroyer Lord which I converted mainly from a normal Destroyer with some extra parts taken from the vehicle sprues.

Nemesor Zandrekh

Vargard Obyron

Cryptek Conversion using a Destroyer Lords arms

Necron Lord with Resurrection Orb

3 Wraiths with Whip Coils 

3 Wraiths

Doom Scythe 

Necron Objective markers made from the GF9 Crystals box set 

Ghost Ark converted to place a model on the dais to represent an embarked unit 

Annihilation Barge with pilots removed

Annihilation Barge with pilots removed

9 Immortals 

 9 Immortals

10 Warriors

10 Warriors 

 9 Warriors with a Cryptek

I thoroughly enjoyed building/painting and playing this army. However, with my Chaos currently on the board, Minotaurs in a build phase and my Horus Heresy Blood Angels progressing I need to free some hobby space.

If you want to place a bid all the units above (and a few more) can be found here

- Martok

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