Kitbash - Dark Apostle and Chaos Lord on Juggernauts

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As discussed in my last post regarding the Minotaurs painting progress, I need to create a Dark Apostle and Chaos Lord for my Word Bearer army as I shall be using the force for a few upcoming tournaments. Also it might be a possibility that the Minotaurs will take longer than hoped so this force will also be a back up for Bristol Vanguard's Vanquish Tournament.

Pictures after the jump.

The actual kits used are simpler than my usual kitbashes using the Skull Crusher kit for most of the model and then some shoulder pads from Warriors of Chaos, a sword from the Chaos Knights set and then back packs from the Dark Vengeance Chosen and Chaos Lord.

This guy is a Dark Apostle armed with the Murdersword as well as a Dark Crozius. The Crozius will be attached to his leg ready to be drawn if the need arises. In game terms if he isn't using the Murder Sword against its chosen victim and the enemy has a save better than 3+ he might as well start swinging the Mace. 

I was going to go with a more ostentatious look to suit the mantle of Dark Apostle but given all the preachers of the Word Bearers I felt an Apostle dedicated to Khorne would show his worship by taking heads on the battlefield rather than his panoply or oration. Therfore, I went for a menacing no nonsense pose with him gesturing to the victim of his Murder special rule.

Currently the models are just tacked to the Juggernauts as I want to paint them separately. The Juggernauts will get the same Bronze as my Minotaurs and the riders will get my Word Bearers deep red.

You may have noticed that both models are currently missing the riders legs. Due to the way the model is designed with the saddle and riders pelvis attached to the Juggernaut I will need to paint pretty much everything separately and then assemble at the end. The legs are currently pinned together for ease of airbrushing.

Both characters are taking the Sigil of Corruption for a 4++. I considered a number of options of how to represent this but in the end it made sense to use a shield. Technically they still have a second CCW in the form of a bolt pistol which I still need to find a way to attach to the models.

My first instinct was to scratchbuild an Axe of Blind Fury but given the time restraints I felt the double headed axe from the Skull Cruisher kit fit the bill with a minimum of effort. Sometimes simpler really is

If all goes according to plan these two HQs as well as 6 Obliterators will be painted and based by the end of the weekend as I need to get straight back to the Minotaurs to have any hope of finishing them for Bristol Vanguard's Vanquish Tournament.


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