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Painting - Minotaur Centurions

With the Word Bearers reinforced I have turned my attention back to the Minotaurs. I have actually finished the brush work on the Tactical/Sternguard squads now which leaves the Centurions, Terminators and Characters before moving on to painting the weapons for everyone.

A little colour has really brought these guys to life. However, more so than the rest of the army these large flat panels and plethora of edges really need some highlights to make them more interesting.

I am trying to keep a rather limited pallet for the whole army which has meant painting is far more regimented and my process much quicker.

I am really hoping that I can start work on bases etc and have the infantry for this army on the table top soon. Practicing with an army before a tournament is a must so even if I just play some 1000pt games it will be very beneficial.


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