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Greetings, BloodyDicers, Dangermouse425 here with a review of an excellent product I recently bought.

This is the Large 2-Tier paint rack by Sphere Products, part of Progressive Engineering Solutions, a UK-based company that has some awesome products available.

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I bought one for my Citadel paints and one for my Vallejo paints, these racks make my paints a lot more accessible than before, but that's not the best part.  I had a problem, as my Citadel paint collection was mostly new-style pots, but I did have a few of the old-style pots, as you can see from this crudely drawn diagram I sent them.

When you buy your rack you can decide if you want them sized for old-style Citadel paint, new-style Citdael paints, Vallejo dropper bottles, etc.  I sent them the picture above, and the lovely chaps at Progressive Engineering custom-cut the upper tier of my rack to fit my whole collection, including a mix of slot sizes.  They sent me a PDF of the design (see below) before they cut it to confirm it met my requirements, and within a few days I had my paint racks!

The racks are made with sturdy MDF which is laser cut and then posted out to you ready for assembly.  Assembly is simple and straightforward and only takes a few minutes.  Lastly, they're designed and produced in the UK, so you're even supporting the economy whilst buying hobby supplies, you patriot!

If you fancy yourself a paint rack, workstation, or anything laser cut, check out Sphere Products by Progressive Engineering and tell them you saw this review.

Thanks for reading!  My next post will be about my ongoing projects, and I seem to have a large amount!


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