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Battle Report - Grey Knights vs Space Wolves 2K (11/11/12)

After taking a weeks holiday, Martok came back and was ready to thrown down some dice against Lucifer. Here is Martok to take us through the game (with some comments added by Lucifer).

Next weekend I shall be taking part in the Bracknell Forest Gamers Escalation Tournament. So I thought we would take a crack at Round 4 from the rules pack which is Big Guns with Hammer and Anvil deployment at 2000pts. More details on the club at tournament can be found here

Lucifer has a new Grey Knight list running Coteaz and some henchman and I was running my Space Wolves as at the moment they are the only army I had enough models to put together a decent escalation style list.

Our lists can be seen here.

We rolled up four objectives and the Space Wolves won first turn and deployment. Here is a deployment shot with red dots indicating the objectives:


Turn 1 Space Wolves

Lucifer failed to Seize the Initiative despite Coteaz allowing him to re-roll so I had the first turn. I advanced everything as far as I could hoping that my Thunderwolves could weather his fire and get to his back line where all the Grey Knights were hiding out. Night fight was in effect so I could not make the range needed for the Long Fangs to fire on his Vindicare. 
-Lucifer: Thanks to the wonders of pre-measurement, I was able to deploy almost everything out of range of his Long Fangs effectively taking them out of the game!

With no shooting possible this turn I handed over the turn.
End of Space Wolf Turn 1
Turn 1 Grey Knights
A slight shuffle forward allowed the Grey Knights to get units into firing range of the Wolf Lord and his Fenrisian Wolves. Once in position the Grey Knight gun line opened up and after the smoke cleared there was only 2 Wolves left and the Lord was gone. This meant that First Blood and Slay the Warlord were claimed in Turn 1 by the Grey Knights. On a side note, the Vindicare attempting to use a Shield Breaker round on the actual Thunderwolf Squad but missed even with his re-roll.
-Lucifer: Ironically, he told me about another game he played where this happened and I scoffed at the probability... 

End of Grey Knight Turn 1
Turn 2 Space Wolves

The remaining Thunderwolves continued the advance towards into the Grey Knight's guns. Meanwhile the Long Fangs and Grey Hunters that could, opened up on the Interceptors taking 6 in total. The other Long Fang squad opened fire on the Vindicare and removed him from play. This turn also saw the Space Wolf Scouts charge through the ruins towards the Terminators on the other side and managed to  killed two terminators from shooting. However, they failed their charge and lost four of their number to Overwatch fire :O

End of Space Wolves Turn 2
Turn 2 Grey Knights

This turn the Grey Knights continued to punish the Space Wolves removing the Thunderwolf Squad from the Center. This was also the turn that the Stormraven full of Crusaders and Assassins showed up. The Raven performed a Deep Strike manoeuvre and opened up on the Long Fangs to the left hand side of the Wolf deployment zone, wiping out all but the Lascannon. The last Wolf Scout were then dealt with by Coteaz's henchmen shooting from the ruins.

The Storm Raven opens fire on the Long Fangs
Turn 3 Space Wolves

Having lost half of the Long Fangs and most of the Thunderwolves the Wolves were left with very little bite left. Determined to make a saga the remaining Wolf Guard Battle Leader on Thunderwolf charged in with his Fenrisian Wolves, this charge proved ill fated with a few Wolves dying from Overwatch and the Lord himself, dying to a Halberd. The Fenrisian Wolves broke combat and ran (which they did for the rest of the game). All the shooting this turn from the rest of the army was aimed at the Raven which happily shrugged it all off while Zooming.

Thunderwolves before the were annihilated
Grey Knights Turn 3

With the Thunderwolves all gone with only a few Fenrisian Wolves left the Grey Knights Terminators started advancing onto their second objective. The Storm Raven changed to Hover mode and manoeuvred around the ruins to get a better line on the remaining Long Fang. The Crusaders and Assassins disembarked and prepared to charge the second Long Fang squad. The Raven split fire killing the lone Long Fang and inflicting some casualties in the Grey hunters behind him  The henchmen's charge killed most of the Long Fang but they refused to break.
-Lucifer: Lucky for me, it kept them in combat for Martok's turn!

Grey Knight Terminators hold the line
Space Wolves Turn 4

With little left to play with the Space Wolves were now playing for the draw. The grey Hunters moved out of range of a possible assault from the Assassins if they finished off the Long Fangs. They took pot shots at the Storm Raven but they proved harmless. The Lone Wolf went pushed forward to the centre of the Grey Knight deployment seeking his death While the last few Grey Hunters from the Melta squad attempted to sneak around to the forward Grey Knight objective. The remaining henchmen actually finished off the 2 remaining Long Fangs this turn and consolidated on the rear objective in the Space Wolf Deployment Zone.

End of Space Wolf Turn 4
Grey Knights Turn 4

The Grey Knights push towards their second objective and the henchmen bunkered down on the rear Space Wolf Objective. The Stormraven took flight off of the board to come back later as ongoing reserves. The combined shooting of the Grey Knight back line killed the Lone Wolf and and left only one of the Melta Squad of Grey Hunters alive.

End of Grey Knight Turn 4
Space Wolves Turn 5

In this turn there was not a lot left for the Wolves to do. The last Grey Hunter from the Melta squad pushed forward against the LOS blocking terrain in the Grey Knights deployment to contest the objective. The Grey Hunters in the back field then moved up to open fire on the henchmen unit; this went quite well killing all of the Crusaders and one Assassin. Unfortunately the Assassins then broke and actually ran towards the Grey Hunters... this meant that if they rallied they would actually be able to make the charge on them now.

End of Space Wolves Turn 5
Grey Knights Turn 5

This turn saw the Stormraven zoom back onto the board gunning down Grey Hunters in the centre while the rest of the Grey Knight force moved up to take down the last Grey Hunter contesting their objective. Ironically he was still able to hold on and continue to contest. The Assassins regrouped and then charged the Grey Hunters in the backfield cutting down four of them before they went down themselves.

End of Grey Knights Turn 5

We carried on playing through to the end of the game however the real action ended here with the Grey Knights firmly in control.

-Lucifer: It was fun game, deploying out of range of the Long Fangs seriously hampered Martok's ability to bring them to bear on my expensive troops. It also meant, I was able to focus fire on one or two units per turn as they reached my deployment zone. The terrain provided an additional choke point which turned into a killing ground and saw off a lot of Martok's heavy assault troops. The Vindicare didn't do much but the potential was there (stupid dice D:) but the other Assassins and Crusaders were totally worth the measly 150 points and made it back and more... Henchmen FTW! XD

That wraps up our first ever Battle Report let us know any suggestions for improvement you might have. Next up we are hoping that Lucifer will be able to give us a better look at that Storm Raven used in the Battle report so keep an eye out for that!!


  1. The linked army lists could do with some improvement - will have a crack and update when done.

  2. Cheers mate! I should probably draw up a template for these reports

  3. Right got it online. Nice format dude!


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