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WIP - Word Bearers Dark Apostle (03/11/12)

Martok is making further progress with the  Word Bearers, this time creating a HQ to lead the army.
When the new Dark Vengeance models were released, I knew some of the DAs HQs would look really nice in this Word Bearers army. This is ironic as I am using the Loyalists from the box as heretics rather than the actual Chaos models.

I took the Limited Edition Chaplain, a weapon from a WFB Chaos Knight and a little plasticard for the horns. The rest is pretty self explanatory:

Now I still need to finish him off. I removed a DA icon from his waist that I need to replace now.. not sure what to use for that yet. I know the Word Bearers changed their icon post heresy but I quite like the open book icon.. 

Well this guy is clearly over compensating! Hopefully we shall see him with paint on soon with all that detail on the model it should look suitably impressive.

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