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eBay - Space marine Bike Army broken up for sale (13/11/12)

Martok is looking to sell off some of his old projects to fund all of his new projects. As such here he is to explain his latest eBay auctions.

Hi guys,

Basically I do not have enough money to be building new armies with almost ten already sitting in my cabinet!  As such I am selling off my Biker army in two steps. The first set of auctions can be seen here

The full army can be seen in our Gallery here

And if you don't want to go all the way over to that link :) here is a pic of the  full army:

If anyone wants this army in full or even parts of it then please get in touch either through Facebook, here or via email

After this army is all sold I shall be selling the Grey Knights which are also in the Gallery if anyone is interested in them.

So shameless plug out of the way and we shall have more hobby content coming soon as well as some Tournament coverage for the Bracknell Forest Gamers' Escalation Tournament this Saturday.

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