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Hobby - Daemonic Thunder Wolves (14/11/12)

With the Escalation tournament only a few days away Martok has just made the finishing touches to the army he will be taking.

This army has been used in tournaments for about 2 years now in various different shapes and forms. The painting effort has continued over time as has the modelling. These Thunder Wolves are one of the worst culprits having been rebuilt in different ways twice now and the paint job has suffered for it but I am happy with where they are and I am glad to say they are all finished.

First up we have my Thunder Wolf Lord the Headtaker:

I had real fun building this guy and he uses a vast array of bits from various kits. The cloak and Frost Blade were my first attempts at blending and I was very pleased with the effect on both.

Next up is a Wolf Guard Battle Leader on Thunder Wolf with a Thunder Hammer. This guy acts as the Lieutenant of the army and forms the other half of a one, two punch:

He uses a couple of Maxmini parts such as the Hammer and Bionics. I think he might get some bling added at some point though but not before the Tournament on Saturday.

Finally the actual Squad of Thunder Wolves who will be cleaning up for the Thunder HQs. These guys are carrying Storm Shields and I really should model some Melta bombs on them just always hate having to stick those ugly bits on...

Hopefully I shall have a post up tomorrow regarding the list I shall be taking to Escalation 2012 at Bracknell Forest Gamers.

Those guys could be a real wrecking crew if they are not dealt with quickly. Look out for Martoks post tomorrow for more about Escalation 2012.

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