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Tournament - Preparing for Escalation 2012 (15/11/12)

Martok is off to a local tournament at the Bracknell Forest Gamers club. He has his list written and will be taking us through his thoughts on Escalation style list building.

Escalation has been around for quite a few years now and I have played in a couple of them. Building a list in this format is quite testing as you need to find the balance between units that work well at low levels as well as fitting in some heavy lifters. If you are not familiar with the rules for Escalation take a look here and the list I will be taking can be seen here

So this year I have decided that the lower point rounds need to be used to get some troops on the board, some fire power and some harassment units. So the first two chunks of 500pts are identical 10 man Grey Hunter units with Banner and Plasma, 6 Long Fangs with 4 missiles and a lascannon, 9 Fenrisian Wolves and a cheap Rune Priest to lead them. This at 500pts will be able to score an objective and hopefully take out the opponents scoring units. 

Round 1 Combat Patrol 500pts

At 1000pts I have some great troops and a nice group of Wolves to put pressure on the enemy.

Round 2 Raid 1000pts

At that point we then move on to the Thunder Lords for the 1500pt round. These guys are theoretically the heavy lifters of the army and will be joining up with the Fenrisian Wolves from the previous 1000pts drastically increasing their threat. These two are then followed by a Lone Wolf with some more Wolves as his pets; he will be able to follow up behind the Thunder Lords and help out where one of their assault might be failing etc.

Round 3 Aid Unlooked For 1500pts

The final 2000pt round will be a return to an objective mission with Big Guns Never Tire so another squad of 10 Grey Hunters, Banner and this time with Melta Guns giving me an option against AV14 and greater board control.  Now I added 3 Thunderwolves with Storm Shields and Melta Bombs (I had 15pts left and nothing else I could spend them on)... this unit might not be optimal in this list and perhaps more Long Fangs would bring more to the battle but I really like the unit I have and I want to put a ton of Thunder Wolves and smaller Wolves on the table :) Finally I had a small amount of points left and lacking many options in my collection at that cost I decided to use my Wolf Scouts and maybe infiltrate and harass a Heavy unit that might otherwise be shooting down my Thunder Wolves.

Round 4 All Out War 2000pts

So that's the list and a couple of shots of the models I shall be running. I am no tactical genius and I have rarely pushed above mid table results but I love writing lists and I love these Escalation style lists! They make you think about putting together four lists that need to do very different things separately but still perform with a unified purpose.

Now all I have to do is actually try and make it work in the Tournament :) With any luck I will get some decent pics of my games and I will be sure to post a review of the tournament letting you know how badly the Thunder Wolves die to enemy fire.

That many dogs on the table will definitely raise a few eyebrows if nothing else. We shall be providing some more hobby updates with the Minotaurs showing their face again soon.

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