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WIP - Necron Cryptek

Martok is finally showing us something from his Necron project. Here he is to explain his conversion of a Necron Cryptek

Crypteks have caused me some headaches; in terms of style cues GW has not given many. There is a model (which I find particularly ugly) but it is never made clear what discipline he represents or how the other disciplines may differ. So I took the fanciest parts I could find (Necron Lord from the Barge kit) and added some parts from the Destroyer Lord kit.

I reckon I can easily use him as a Necron Lord as well as a Cryptek. However, I may distinguish each type of Cryptek with different colours or perhaps Symbols any suggestions?

I have been doing a great deal of building recently trying to get most of my projects ready for the airbrush. hopefully I shall be getting a lot of paint down on Saturday so with any luck the painting guides I have been promising various people including my FLGS Promethean Games will be ready to post soon.

So that shows us that Martok is working on ANOTHER project! I wonder if those Minotaurs will ever have a complete combat squad :p The Necron symbol at the top of the page is by Aitocai found on DeviantArt

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