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WIP - Dark Apostle

After making some adjustments Martok has his Dark Apostle ready for paint. Soon he can get on with leading the Word Bearers to war.
I recieved quite a bit of feedback around the net regarding my WIP Dark Apostle. Most of the advice suggested I should remove the words etc around the edge of the cape as they indicated Imperial Allegiance so that is gone. Does "feel" better this way. Also I added a Skull to cover up the DA icon on his waist. Most significant of all the changes however, was the Angelus Bolter in place of the Powerfist. This came about as I was unaware that Dark Apostles could not take anything from the Melee Weapon Wargear list.

I am glad for the advice received and I am very happy with the new look. He somehow looks more stocky without the fist? All in all I am happy with it and cannot wait to get paint on him.

With any luck we shall be seeing him and his fellow Word Bearers ready for a game pretty soon.


  1. I like it and I don't care who knows it!

  2. Thanks man! I really cannot wait to get some paint on him. This army needs to see the table soon!


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