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WIP - Word Bearer Bikers

Martok Continues his work with the Sons of Lorgar. This time with a hefty chunk of bikers/cavalry.
With the new Chaos Dex out I have been seeing a lot of Bikers suddenly. Their low cost has really made them shine with this Dex so after seeing a few people converting Chaos Knights into Chaos Bikers I thought I would take a shot at it (especially seeing as I already had all the bits in my bits box).

I had enough horses to make 11 Bikers so I will have 2 squads of 5 with banner and Champ and then one guy left over (which the purpose of which shall be explained in a later post).

So here they are:

There is a bit more work to go before they are ready for paint and when that is done I promise some decent pics which aren't from my work bench and taken with an iPhone :)

Those guys will make an imposing Fast Attack choice on the battle field won't they! I wonder what that extra Biker is for? :)


  1. "I had enough bitz in the bitz box to make 11 bikers" - you disgust me

    1. ... in a purely comical and "well jel" way.

    2. I was simultaneously very happy and somewhat appalled lol.


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