eBay - More Bikers

by - 22:57

This army has been slowly put up on eBay and today more of it is now on auction. Details after the jump.

On auction is a Bike Captain/Khan, Bike Squad, Command Squad, Attack Bike Squad, Sniper Scouts and a Storm Talon:

All the listings can be seen here and the auctions shall close Sunday 6th January.

- Martok

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  1. you consider that "pro painted" ?

  2. The weathering on these looks wrong.

  3. Ha cheers anons. No I don't and I am pretty sure the price reflects that. However, when picking up the search results on eBay I see no reason to not put some of the most common key words in my titles if this results in negative sales then I will be more than happy to drop the tag but thus far not a single customer has been unhappy with the quality or the representation.

  4. tbh, I know what you mean m8, if it sells, who cares anyway =)


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