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The Work Bench - Martok

Martok has been working on a number of projects and he is going to take us through them all in turn hopefully with some pictures too!
I was at the FLGS on Saturday and had a game against Lucifer where he crushed my Space Wolves with his Grey Knights. After I had recovered from this the owner Ant said I could paint the store copy of Zombiecide. After seeing a few Blogs who had painted this game up really nicely I was hooked and wanted to paint it.

So my work bench which was supposed to have Necrons and Word Bearers on ended up with a Zombie Horde:

As you can see above I managed to get pretty much everything undercoated. The fumes that gathered from airbrushing that much primer was really worrying when I had noticed it lol.

I even managed to get the base colours and some shading on the Biker/Cavalry for my Word Bearers. I think this was the red before washing back down with purple:

Unfortunately, I ran out of purple wash so I had to finish up with these guys. Getting the same shade of red with my Airbrush and the new GW paints compared to the Word Bearers I have painted with a brush and the old paints is proving a little difficult... I am hoping another purple wash should tie it all together.

Finally to prove I was actually working on the Necrons I do have a sneak peak of a painting tutorial:

With any luck I might have actually finished some of this stuff soon and I shall run a showcase. Also keep an eye out for the Necron Painting Guide as it should be done this week some time.

Well he has been busy but he still hasn't actually finished anything... maybe next week :)

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