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Tournament - Eldar List for Vanquish 2013

So, the plan is to go to Vanquish this year with Martok, he’s gonna be using his Minotaur list, and I’m planning to take an altered version of my Eldar tournament army, due to the comp rules being used at Vanquish, hopefully it will still be effective, but a few practice games are gonna be needed to be sure.

This is the list,
HQ – Eldrad

Elites – 9 Fire Dragons, Exarch, Fire Pike, Tank Hunter, Wave Serpent with Eldar Missile launcher and Spirit Stones

Troops – 10 Dire Avengers, Exarch, Two Avenger Catapults, Bladestorm, Wave Serpent with Eldar Missile  launcher and Spirit Stones

Troops – 3 Jetbikes, Shuriken Cannon

Troops – 6 Jetbikes, 2 Shuriken Cannons

Fast Attack – 3 Vyper Jetbikes, 2 Eldar Missile Launchers, Bright Lance

Fast Attack – 3 Vyper Jetbikes, 2 Eldar Missile Launchers, Bright Lance

Heavy Support – Fire Prism, Holo Field

Heavy Support – Fire Prism, Holo Field

So that’s the list for Vanquish, I’m not too sure how this will work, normally there is an extra Fire Prism (no Eldrad) and the Vypers are in 3 units not 2, but the comp rules make that army illegal, so the changes had to be made.

Hopefully the list will still work, only the practice games will reveal that though, I was just starting to get to grips with playing the Eldar army, it’s been a massive change from playing with my beloved Chaos army, but worth it for the playing experience.
I just hope the Chaos gods don’t notice I’m not using their servants and make the dice work against me, they’ve done it before.

Now all I need to do is convince Martok to get his airbrush out and work his magic on my Eldar army, fingers crossed he agrees.


  1. The list looks good, my only concern is that every unit hits very hard almost overkill, eg. 9 fire dragons, units of 3 vypers. How about spreading the love; you have a heavy support slot free now that you had to drop the third prism so how about some war walkers (while dropping the vypers to units of 2).

    Also have you considered dakka vypers (scatter laser or shuriken cannon with the catapults upgraded to a shuriken cannon), now that they can move 12" and fire two guns. 6 or 7 str 6 shots on a fast platform (although war walkers do the dakka cheaper at the expense of less mobility).


  2. I think some of the rejigging is geared towards getting the list Vanquish compatible without spending any cash.

    However, I said the same thing about the War Walkers :p I am sure Gormag will be along at some point discuss though. Dakka Vypers seem very useful in 6th.



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