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Tournament - List for Vanquish 2013

Martok here, playing around with some ideas for my Minotaurs. Hopefully defining my list for Vanquish will help me with working through this army methodically. List after the jump.
Now before everyone tears this list apart for being under powered I am fully aware of that.. My Minotaurs are an opportunity to play around with things I normally would not with the hops of making something that looks truly special rather than brutal efficiency. Here is the plan:



10 Sternguard, 2 Heavy Bolters 

10 Tactical marines, Melta, Multi Melta, Combi Melta

10 Tactical marines, Plasma, Heavy Bolter, Combi Plasma

10 Tactical marines, Flamer, Missile Launcher, Combi plasma

10 Assault Marines, Storm Shield, Power Lance

Allies (Grey Knights)


10 Henchman, 6 Crusaders, 3 Servitors with Heavy Bolters

Dreadknight, Teleporter, Heavy Psycannon, Heavy Incinerator, Great Sword

Total 1750

Now the idea is that I wanted to show the support of the High Lords for the Minotaurs. This gave me the idea to take some Inquisitors and model them as Ad Mech Magos' etc. I think I shall represent the Arbites with the Crusaders and then the servitors are just that. 

The harder part was the Dreadknight... basically I wanted to run a Contemptor with a Spear and Shield as the center piece but it just would not be worth the points to put on the board in any way. The Dreadknight totally tooled will eradicate something at least before it dies.

I really really wanted to represent the Officio Assasonorium as well but I just cannot find somewhere I could drop the points other than the Dreadknight or the Sternguard. If I drop the Dreadknight I will have no center piece and I really do not want that to happen... so the alternative is the Sternguard and in turn Lysander (no point in Bolter Drill with out those AP3 Bolters really) which could end up being the unit that gets dropped but I think I shall play test a little first.

Any thoughts? Some advice would be helpful on this as I am finding the balance between a pretty army and a playable one a little difficult to master.



  1. Hi,

    The list is not that soft, it will find it hard against the top armies such as daemons, necrons and guard, but against most things having so many marines will cause them issues.

    However take it for granted that the dreadknight will go down fast in every game, as it'll be the target of any anti tank firepower the opponent has bought.

    A few tweaks could make the army better. The sternguard could do with a few combi weapons (mainly plasma and a couple of melta for the odd tank). I also don't like the heavy bolters on the sternguard as it makes them too static.

    If you don't mind using a drop pods having one for the sternguard (Lysander attached) will make for a nasty unit coming down turn 1 in the enemies deployment zone. This should give enough distraction for the rest of the army to match pass the mid way line.

    Good luck for the tournament. I went last year and it was a fun event. They have a significant painting score, so make sure you read the rulespack and make sure you pick up the maximum points in that area (eg. squad markings, theme etc.). Also remember to concentrate on the mission bonus points because this can affect final placings. For example the tyranid player that won all 6 games did not place in the top 3. I won 5 games and drew the last, and with my bonus points had the highest gaming points, I came 2nd.

    I think the scoring weighing more on the painting than other tournaments meant it was a much more fun event (still with tough games against good lists). The organisation was great and the players were a great bunch to chat with.


  2. Cheers for the input!

    What were you running last year then?

    I reckon if the enemy has enough Anti Tank available I could reserve and shunt on as in reality he will only get one turn of nuking a unit and then hopefully taking a charge anyway (with D3 Incinerator hits from overwatch :) ).

    As to the painting scores that is good to know. The point of this army was to bring something that uses everything I know as a showcase so that makes up for the tactical sacrifices.

  3. Hi Martok,

    Thought I'd follow your tournament warm-up and Just thought I'd give you a heads up regarding your list vs the compositions rules in place at Vanquish. In particular the one regarding Special characters, which is...

    Include no more than 1 Special/Named Character that occupy an HQ slot, and no
    Special/Named Characters may be included within the Allied detachment’s HQ.

    As Rathstar mentioned, it would be a good idea to go through the rules pack thoroughly. There has been some changes and tweaks due to 6th, which has changed to way the bonus 'Secret Objectives' work among other few things.


  4. Thanks Paul,

    Someone said this to me today actually so yeah that sort of rules out the allied High Lords counts as.

    I guess I shall just reinvest the points in more Space Marine Units. It is a shame though as that rules out my center piece and my character unit..

    Thanks again much appreciated!

  5. No problem Martok,

    We do run Spoils of War later in the year which is intended as a far more relaxed gaming weekend compared to the tournament environment of Vanquish.

    Furthermore, if you have any questions regarding any aspect of Vanquish then please feel free to drop us an email and we will endeavour to explian our thought process behind them. We're are always keen to get constructive feedback from those that attend.



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