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Tournament - Grey Knights for Vanquish 2013

Hey folks,

So I will be heading down to Vanquish with Martok and Gormag next year to represent our local FLGS Promethean - I believe we are calling our first team the Titans :D lets just hope we can live up to the title? I will be representing the Inquisition's finest with my 1750 points worth of Grey Knights. Army composition rules are pretty strict but I don't think I have a single duplicate bar basic troops - going to be pushing for the those Variety bonus points!

The list I am considering is one that I have been fielding for the last couple of months and it has thus far done me proud! I have learned a lot more about fielding the army and its inherent strengths and weaknesses so we shall see what comes!


Grand Master Titus Pullo with Master-craft Psycannon (Warlord)

Inquisitor Lord Torquemada Coteaz


10 Grey Knight Terminators with 2 Psycannons, Psybolt Ammunition and assorted Halberds, Swords and Hammers

5 Grey Knight Terminators with Psycannon, Psybolt Ammunition and assorted Halberds, Swords and Hammers

10 Inquisitorial Henchmen consisting of 4 Crusaders and 6 Death Cult Assassins

Fast Attack:

Stormraven Gunship with twin-linked Assault Cannon, twin-linked Multi-melta, Side-sponson Hurrican bolters and Psybolt Ammunition

10 Grey Knight Interceptors with 2 Psycannons and Psybolt Ammunition

The army effectively castles itself with the Terminators in cover - usually in flank denial positions although it is dependent on the mission. The Grand Master will be assigned to either squad as required. More often than not he joins the larger squad with Coteaz to make use of the fantastic Divination psychic powers. The Interceptors to jump around as required supporting the Terminators and may be buffed occasionally by Coteaz - depending on what he rolls for Divination. 4++ saves are awesome allowing you to take more risks than normal!

We wait on turn 2 when the Grand Master can use Psychic Communion to help ensure the Stormraven hits the field full of assault oriented henchmen. This is a solid heavy hitting unit that can take on almost anything - they are my Hammer-nator insurance XD When the Raven is down, the army usually advances on mass to take out critical units and then mop up the rest. Of course, this doesn't always work but we shall see what Vanquish brings.


P.S. I have the Stormraven finished or there abouts - a huge amount of work pre-Christmas has stalled all thoughts of posting anything for the last couple of weeks. But I shall have some pictures up over the Christmas break at some point!


  1. We need to get some practice games in. I shall have to proxy most of the Minotaurs though lol.

  2. Ummmm hate to say this but this list is illegal in vanquish you have 2 named HQ's ??

  3. Lol he just put a name for his Grand Master for funsies he is actually a generic HQ. At first I thought he was taking Typhus! Would be weird with Grey Knights lol

    1. No... it would be AWESOME!!! Zombie Grey Knights back from the grave and serving Grandfather Nurgle to battle the Inquisition they once served... OK may have gotten a little too invested in that XD


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