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WIP - Bipedal Defiler

With his Word Bearer project developing at pace Martok reveals a long term project of his to build a Bipedal Defiler.

I have been working on this model for about 2 years with very little time actually having been spent working on it. However, it is starting to get their. This Daemon Engine is affectionately called "The Freak" and is a Defiler with Power Scourge:

He is still far from perfect but I think the weapon arms are almost done. The chimney sorts out this issues I was having building some kind of power supply/exhaust system.I think next to see some work will be the head as he needs to look far more Daemonic. The feet need widening, the shoulder pads need green stuff rivets and I am hoping to use the Braziers from the Warshrine on them:

I could see the front of the shrine making a good part for the Defilers head. Maybe even the Stone Horn's head?

I shall have to work something out soon as I really need this guy before I can think about playing a game with the Word Bearers.

It has taken quite some time but this will be an interesting project to watch develop.


  1. amazing tusked head, tho looking at the warshrine bits I can't find the head you used? How or where did you find such a marvellous tusked head?

    1. Its actually from the WFB, Ogre Kingdom, Stone Horn kit. It took a long time of waiting to find it on sale at a bits site but well worth the effort.


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