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Tournament - Vanquish 2013

Plans are afoot to get a team or two together for Bristol Vanguard's 40k Tournament Vanquish from our FLGS and with our friend Arquarian. Follow after the jump for what is being planned.

Bristol Vanguard put on a great tournament having attended Vanquish before I can vouch for that. Their terrain is on a new level compared to Games Workshops Throne of Skulls tournaments.. don't believe me take a look at the below:

I actually played over the one above and although all the impassable terrain got a little annoying you coudl discuss this with your opponent before hand any way. 

Everyone loves a Chaos board with Lava and that is a fact :D

Now this Temple board is really not done any favors by this picture it is hard to see the scale but this thing is HUGE!

List Composition
So we have covered the fact that the terrain is good now the rules... First thing to point out is that they have a no spam policy... this was a bone of contention for me last time as I deliberately took a list without duplicates let alone spam and then when I got there were some lists not entirely in this spirit. I have absolutely nothing against spam personally a list is a list and I will play with or against it regardless of how it is composed. In the end if you are trying to remove power lists spam is not the root of power look at some of the janky things you can do with allies here and no spam is needed there lol.

Secret Objectives
Much like the secret objectives Games Workshop use for their doubles tournaments not sure who had the idea first but regardless it adds another level to the game.

This tournament is doing something I have not seen before; you can get a ticket for the weekend or a single day ticket for either Saturday or Sunday. I am curious to see how this goes... if it means people with weekend tickets end up without a game on the Sunday then this is not so good but I shall reserve judgement on this until after seeing it in practice.

For the full weekend tickets you get 5 games split 3 on Saturday to 2 on Sunday.

I am stoked to play over these tables again and this time bringing even more friends which really does help make a weekend tournament more enjoyable! I shall be going over the actual Win/Loss system and List Composition rules during the lead up to this tournament not to mention the hobby articles as I try and fulfill my pact with Arquarian to finish my Minotaurs in time as has he! If I do not though then I will likely have my Necrons ready by then.

Anyone else out there planning to go to this?

- Martok


  1. I will be going to this! So long as I get my army finished in time!!!

  2. I have a feeling we will be painting the night before lol

  3. Looking forward to bring the Templars! :D


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