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WIP - Dark Eldar vehicles

A new contributor to the Blog Dangermouse has been working on some Dark Eldar for a friend. Take a look after the jump.

Airbrush work has started and he has been working the blends. You may notice he has had some issues with some splatter. Everyone at the FLGS has given their input on this splatter but we wanted to put it out to the internet to see if anyone know a) why this happens sometimes and b) how best to fix this?

Anyone have any ideas?

- Martok


  1. That's it, before I paint anything else Eldar, I'm getting myself an airbrush. This I vow!

  2. IT definitely suits the flowing form and panel lines doesn't it! I promised a friend I would do Hot Rod flames on his Wave Serpents for Vanquish... will have to deliver on this at some point lol

  3. Yriel, I'll do them for you, I should have solved the paint splatter problems by then. I think it was to do with paints not thinned properly and dried paint on the needle.


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