Showcase - Stormraven

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Hey guys,

Lucifer here to bring you a little something special; the long awaited Grey Knight Stormraven has finally been completed. Pictures after the jump.

Its taken a while with work and Christmas getting in the way but the wait was worth it, well it was for me anyway! I got some sweet photo gear to help take some nicer pictures, please enjoy...

I had a load of fun learning how to use an airbrush for the first time. It resulted in loads of mistakes and lots of time devoted to correcting them. Additionally, this is the first time I have really tackled weathering in big way. For an in depth look at the base I created for it, please check out my latest post at Codex of War!

For those interested out there, I will be doing a tutorial at some point on creating templates like the ones I used to do the Chapter markings on the Stormraven, so keep posted.


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