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WIP - Necron Ghost Ark Conversion

I have been working on the Necrons to get them ready for some tournaments in March. One of the last things to paint in the list has been the Ghost Ark. I decided that I really hate the idea of robots piloting robots so I have removed all pilots in the Necron vehicles. Read on for more

Deciding how to replace the pilot in the Ghost Ark has been quite difficult but I had a brain wave when I saw some spare parts for the Catacomb Command Barge. I replaced the pilot with a dais for my embarked units Cryptek to stand on, this was just perfect as up to this point he had been rattling around in the rib cage of the Ghost Ark.

Here is a view from the other side of the Ghost Ark conversion:

The actual Ghost Ark conversion is simply a Terminator sized base with the lip removed and then the railing from the Catacomb Command Barge.

I am planning to try and finish up the painting for the army this weekend so I can move onto basing. With any luck this Ghost Ark Conversion will be completed for me to share with you all next week.

- Martok

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