PIP - Necron Vehicles

by - 10:30

Still no showcase for these guys yet but as they get closer to completion I have some more to show you as I finish things off. I can now announce that the army is 100% for Throne of Blades this weekend.

The Ghost Ark has been a pain to work on and I need to tidy up alot of the OSL work but that can easily be done at a later date.

In the case of the ANnihilation Barge I am actually really happy with the OSL. I now wish I had used Blue instead of Red as the alternate glow in this army to go with the Green. This only had Blue as it felt more fitting for the Tesla Destructor. I am not going to go back and change anything but a lesson learnt in colour theory nonetheless.

- Martok

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  1. The OSL work is looking good, you can really tell that you've put a lot of work into the models. I may have to pester you for tips if I ever do any OSL work. Are you planning on doing a tutorial any time soon?

    1. Ah a tutorial aye? That would imply I know what I am doing :p Actually this is good idea. I need to take at least one model to the finished level so I might as well practice on someone and I can do a tutorial at the same time :)


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