PIP - Destroyer Lord Wraith Conversion

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Wraith Destroyer Lord - Close Up

I promised an Army Showcase for my Necrons this week. Alas it is not yet complete. However, it is painfully close. All that is left is my Necron Destroyer Lord Wraith Conversion. The almost complete model is after the jump.

First things first. His base is not finished. That will be a priority. As that is done the army is 100% ready to hit the table top for my upcoming tournaments.

Wraith Destroyer Lord - Left

After I have the base finished I shall be taking my time with adding some finishing touches to the army. First of those will be taking some time and giving some TLC to this Destroyer Lord to make sure that he is a centerpiece for the army. The OSL on the ribs stand out as needing a little work.

After the Destroyer Lord is complete I shall then move on to adding some oils to the vehicles/wraiths for a more convincing weathered look. After that my next plan is to try and darken the Gale Force 9 Crystals like the one on the Destroyer Lord Wraith Conversion above maybe a Caliban Green glaze followed by some gloss varnish...

I will be working on getting an army showcase ready and who knows maybe you will all see some new projects on the blog finally :)

- Martok

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  1. inspiring conversion work here!
    I'm liking the paintjob too.
    Looking forward to an army showcase.
    Keep'em coming!

    1. Cheers mate. I haven't really blogged this army very well as I knew I had a time scale to get them done (which I am barely meeting). Lessons learnt for the next army :)

      The Showcase however, will be up this week at some point although I may take it a unit at a time so they can all get some time to shine.


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