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Joel a friend from the FLGS has been working on a 1/16th scale Ultramarine for awhile now and has finally finished him off and put him on eBay. See the process he went through after the jump.

This model is a garage kit made by a guy called Donnell Belleza and is based on Captain Titus from the space marine video game.  Joel did a few adjustments to the original sculpt, adding some cabling and brass etch.

As for the painting it was pre shaded black over a grey primer and once the base coat was down Joel used oil paints to shade the armour and acrylics to highlight. The metallic are mostly the Vallejo liquid gold range shaded with oils again.


The base was kindly donated by myself Martok and Joel found it a pleasure to paint as it was his first large scale model. The next one will be the same scale but an Imperial Fist being charged by a Berserker!!

Anyone interested in buying this piece of art can do so as it is up on eBay right now.

- Martok


  1. This is a pretty fantastic paint job. I always wondered what one of these would look like painted up.
    Any chance you recall where this came from? I remember seeing them on ebay back in the day and would love to pick one up, but haven't seen them in ages.

  2. I believe my friend picked this up from Cadwallon.


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