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WIP - Necron Aristocrats

The Blog has been pretty quiet recently as I have been feverishly plugging away at the Necrons. They are almost done and I shall put up a showcase when they are but for now I am working on the last few models needed (due to certain list changes for particular tournaments). Above is a  Destroyer Lord conversion to lead my Wraiths at Throne of Blades 2013. More models after the jump.

Now I am always worried when I model something on a non standard base or convert it to a non standard height so in case any opponents have a problem with me using the Destroyer Lord converted from a Wraith then I have the guy below to sub in:

My Necron Court has grown a little as play tests showed me they were a great way of getting some ap1-2 into the list so two more needed to be built.. maybe not as grand as the others I have but then they are cheaper points wise:

So that is the bare plastic. Hopefully by the end of the week I shall put up a teaser of some of the painted pieces I am working on.

- Martok

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