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Tournament - Throne of Blades 2013

On the 2nd of March I shall be heading up to Stafford to take part in Throne of Blades 2013. I have been warned this will be a truly competitive environment and I have been preparing a list that can allow me to represent. Read on for the list.

This is how the list looks at 2000pts:

Necrons - 2000pts

HQ Nemesor Zahndrek
Vargard Obyron
Royal Court
Necron Lord
Despair Cryptek with Veil 
Despair Cryptek with Abyssal Staff 
Storm Cryptek with Voltaic Staff
HQ Destroyer Lord
Sempiternal Weave 
Mind Shackle Scarabs
Troops 8 Immortals
Troops 9 Immortals
Troops 20 Warriors
Troops 9 Warriors
Ghost Ark
Fast 6 Wraiths 
3 Whip Coils
Heavy Annihilation Barge
Heavy Annihilation Barge
Heavy Doom Scythe

The plan for the above at Throne of Blades is quite simple. Destroyer Lord and Wraiths go cause some trouble while the bulk of the army takes objectives. Finally Veil Tek and Obyron take Immortals around the board as and when they are needed. My play testing at 1750 has gone well however 2+ saves are still a big problem.

Any thoughts or comments on this list?

- Martok

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