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WIP - Primarch Angron

My buddy Joel from PaintMyBits is at it again this time working on a commission of the Primarch Angron. This post shall run you through some of the stages he has gone through in the painting process. 

Joel used a red primer to get a warm base for the Gold/Bronze metallics. He then cut in with his airbrush to preshade the model:

He then tackled the cloak so that it was out of the way and he would be able to assemble the model. He built this up with a number of colours to give a natural variation in tone.

He then went in and started work on the metallics of Angron's armour. I believe this was taken from Bronze up to Vallejo's Liquid Gold

The devil is in the details as they say and you can see Joel added some great touches with some light stubble and stress marks around the butchers nails on Angron's head.

Finally Angron is now at this point. When Joel has finished this up I shall be running a showcase with a closer look.

Remember to take a look at Joel's Facebook and give it a like!

- Martok


  1. looking great! As you said the attention is in the details as the stubble etc puts the cherry on the cake.

    1. Personally, I cannot wait for the Showcase!


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