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Basing Necrons - Army

With the Throne of Blades Tournament just over a week away I have been trying to finish off the army I am taking. I am currently basing the Necron army. 

Basing Necrons - Nemesor Zandrekh

So far I have just managed to paint the bases and add some sand/rock mix. I shall be moving on to washing the basing material to bring it back down and then likely drybrush them. First I shall get the wash down so they are actually ready for the tournament at least.

Basing Necrons - Vargard Obyron

I also picked up the GW basing kit with the Crystals to add that authentic Necron look. Above you can see Vargard Obyron and I have just noticed a mistake with the painting on his blade.. guess I shall have to fix that as well.

Basing Necrons - Cryptek

This guy is a Necron Lord model but I am using him as a Cryptek We shall just pretend the Res Orb is just some other crazy tech. Again I need to finish something else with this guy as the OSL hasn't been done on the Res Orb yet.

Basing Necrons - Wraiths

With the Wraiths I thought I could play with some bigger Crystals then those used for basing the rest of the Necron Army. I picked up the Battlefield in a box Crystals from Gale Force 9 which look the part. Unfortunately the shade of green with these crystals is lighter than the GW ones. This means adding some glazing and maybe a gloss varnish to try and get them more like the GW ones.

These guys are almost complete bar the Necron Destroyer Lords but I have some time set aside next week to really do them justice. I am hoping that the weekend will be kind and I shall get some of the above finished and ready for a Showcase photo shoot. The I can put up some posts running you all through the finished army.

- Martok

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