PIP - Fallen Angel Typhus Conversion

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A friend from the FLGS wanted some count as characters made for his Fallen Dark Angel army which uses the Chaos Space Marine Codex. I offered to do these for him and first up is a Typhus conversion.

The conversion includes some scrathbuilt parts most notably the Scythe, As this was my first time trying to carve a blade this was an interesting experience but I am happy with the result. I also made the key ring of skulls... totem.. thing as a representation of the Destroyer Hive, Typhus has. This was achieved with the flail from the Death Wing Knight box (a kit used throughout the conversion) with some skulls and a wire "key chain" added.

Thus far I have managed to finish the airbrush work on the armour but I will need to go in with a brush to add some highlights and battle damage etc.

The base is a cast from a friend over at Codex of War and I am very happy with the extra "presence" it gives the moody model. Also conveniently it has three skulls in a pile which is as we all know Nurgles favourite number :)

I need to have this guy and an Abaddon model ready for Bristol Vanguards Vanquish tournament in about three weeks which hopefully won't be a problem.

- Martok

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