Showcase - Necron Wraith Destroyer Lord

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Now my Necron army is finally finished and ready for upcoming tournaments I have been able to get the camera out and get some half decent photos. In this post I shall be showing off the Necron Destroyer Lord converted with parts from the Necron Wraith kit.

This army was an experiment in OSL as I tried to work out how to get the best effects with both airbrush and regular brush work. I learnt a great deal from this process and some of it worked some did not, however, I shall be able to improve on this next time I try something similar. 

The actual conversion used parts from the Destroyer, Lych Guard and Wraith kits. As he will be leading a Wraith unit I felt he would look much better themed to fit in with them,

The crystal on the base comes from Gale Force 9 and I shall be using these on a display board that I really need to get done.

I shall be going back and adding pigments to the bases/models at some point but right now this Wraith Destroyer Lord is ready for varnish.

Just in case anyone has an issue with the dimensions of the Wraith Destroyer Lord conversion I have built a more traditional Destroyer Lord which I could use instead.

Keep an eye out for more Showcase articles showing off my Necron Army.

- Martok

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  1. The OSL on the staff is made of sweet stuff.

    1. Cheers mate. I cocked up Obyron's so I knew how to do it on this guy :D

  2. Looks sweet, I can't imagine anyone kicking off about the dimensions, but there's always a few strange 'uns out there that will complain about anything.

    Keep up the good work! :D

    1. Its true! In my experience though it's nicer to have these things just in case as it just makes certain that the game starts on the right foot as it were.


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