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PIP - Horus Heresy Blood Angels Contemptor

Once again I have changed my mind regarding a Horus Heresy army. I think I am now set on the the Blood Angels and I have finally put paint to model. First off is a Contemptor Dreadnought with all the guns, a pair of Kheres Assault Cannons and a Cyclone Missile Launcher.

Contemptor Front

I preshaded the Contemptor with my airbrush and then blended this up to red. There are a few spots that I could do with going back in with the airbrush to add some more shading. Most obviously under the carapace.

Contemptor Back

To drive home the Blood Angels look I used some brass etch from Forge World. I then proceeded to magnetize the weapons and head (and torso etc etc) so that I can switch the weaponry in normal 40k games but when playing Horus Heresy he will be the Talon Veteran leading two other Kheres toting Contemptors.

Contemptor Left

The basing was done with a heap of Green Stuff and then a variety of basing materials and plastruct bits and pieces.

Contemptor Right

I am hoping to get some time in to get this guy finished but with Throne of LOLz this weekend and club nights this week (tonight is the first night of BattleUX) I might struggle with that.

- Martok

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