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News - BattleUX (Uxbridge Gaming Club)

Last night was the first club night of BattleUX. Myself and some of the guys from the FLGS went along to join in the fun playing some games and chatting with some fellow hobbyists over a beer.

I was playing Warmachine for a change and BattleUX had a great range of tables specifically for the game which was nice to see. Actually the tables in general were really good with a variety of themes and sizes.

The above picture was not from my game but this was turn 2 and the Trolls were in the Cygnar deployment zone.. crazy stuff and a lovely army.

My Menoth line preparing to get shot apart by Cygnar forces. Cain actually popped his feat with almost every on e of my models in his control area.. lots of guys died.

In summary we had a great night and enjoyed some fun games. If you are in the local area make sure you join them on Monday nights from 19:00 at the Bttle of Britain Bunker, Uxbridge.

- Martok

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